Curtright C. Truitt, P.A.

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Curt Truitt's Academic Qualifications:

In 2017, I began turning my attention to alternative dispute resolution, having participated in hundreds of mediations throughout my career, as well as numerous arbitrations. Having witnessed for decades in my own practice, the invaluable tool of mediation.

Curt Truitt has been a civil litigator in Southwest Florida and the surrounding areas for over 37 years. During his extensive career, he has been involved in approximately 75 jury trials. In 2017, Curt began to shift his focus towards alternative dispute resolution.

Throughout his tenure, he has participated in hundreds of mediations and numerous arbitrations. Having seen the invaluable role of mediation in his own practice for decades, Curt felt that he could harness his vast litigation experience to further aid in resolving cases through mediation and/or arbitration.

His aim is to be passionately involved in these processes and to assist in settling various disputes. Over recent years, he has observed a decline in the 80% settlement rate in mediations.

Curt’s primary base is in Fort Myers, Florida, with his offices primarily serving the 20th Judicial Circuit. However, he has also managed numerous cases in neighboring counties including Highlands, Okeechobee, Sarasota, Hardee, Charlotte, Hendry, and Desoto. Lately, judges have been increasingly ordering non-binding arbitrations, especially for cases predicted to have extended trial durations. Curt Truitt is thoroughly prepared to handle such procedures.

Curt Truitt's Certificates:

37+ Years practicing civil ligation in Southwest and Central Florida
75+ Jury Trials
Countless mediations and non-binding arbitrations


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